Screenprinting is the most popular used technique for garment printing. It is a simple and very cost-friendly

way of printing medium to large quantities in a vast array of colors.

At Chinook-Grafolies, we can print garments up to 6 colors.



The advantages of screenprinting are that virtually any type of graphic design (within technical possibilities)

can be printed and any standard Pantone code color can be reproduced.

The inconveniences of screenprinting are: film fees, one film per color to print. Stencil fees, one stencil per color to print.

Can make a small multy-color project expensive.

When ordering, please, if possible, send your logos to print in a vectorized format such as

Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. In 1:1 size, with vectorized fonts and color references (such as Pantone).




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