At Chinook-Grafolies, we offer a vector graphic service to fit all your graphical needs.

Vector Graphics

Vectors are a way of defining images on a computer and is defined by points and curves rather than by pixels. They are scalable and

therefore are not resolution dependent. Vector graphics are made up of independent objects, each of which can be individually

selected, sized, moved and manipulated, which gives the Graphic Arts and Promotional Products industry outstanding advantages for image manipulation.


Use of Vector Graphics in the Graphic Arts and Promotional Products Industry.

Vector graphics is the format for logos and other computer graphics except photographs. Because it's scaleable capability, vector graphics

are the best option to create logos and graphics and use it to print promotional products. By creating initially your corporate logo

in a vector software program, it can be used for all purposes in the future. The vector file could be used by printers and promotional

products companies to achieve a high quality printing. Once you have created your vector logo, it can be easily converted to a bitmap

format for web presentations, CD catalogs, and other low resolution requirements It's important to understand the conversion process

is irreversible, so always keep a original copy of the vector file.



We often vectorize images for our customers. It can be a very long and painstaking process. We ask to send

us your designs to be vectorized in the highest resolution possible. If you are not into computers and don't have

a clue what resolution actually is, we understand, just send us the best image you can on paper with all the

necessary details such as specific color codes, dimensions, etc.











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