Flexprinting is a hot print process

To print garments, we use a type of material called "flex". It is a thermo-printable material which is cut with a precision plotter,

then is weeded to take all the excessmaterial away in order to leave only the wanted logo or number etc to be printed with a heat press on the

desired garment. This technique gives a very nice mat-aspect print, is tough and wash resistant. This type of printing has been used for decades

to print numbersand letters on sport jerseys.

Advantages of flexprinting

Flexprinting allows quality garment printing in small quantities. There are no set-up fees for films or stencils, no minimum

orders and your order can be processed in a very short period of time.

Inconvenients of flexprinting

Flexprinting does not allow printing logos or letters which have too fine details and we limit our flexprinting service to a one-color only print.

Flexprinting can take a lot of time to prepare for large quantities. A smalll quantity of colors are available as compared to screenprinting and no

possibility to have an exact Pantone match. If our red is not the righ red for your logo, it will have to be printed by screenprinting.

To know if your logo is compatible with this printing technique just send us an email with your design included and we will inform you as soon as possible.




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